Hygger Quiet Submersible and External 24V DC Water Pump 80w 2650GPH Review

Hygger Quiet Submersible and External 24V DC Water Pump 80w 2650GPH Review

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This is the 80w version (2560GPH/19.7ft)

This is a powerful return pump for fish tanks, aquariums, ponds, fountains, sump and hydroponics

Dimensions and Spec:

  • Input voltage: 100-240V 50/60HZ. Output voltage: DC 24V
  • Pump Dimension(LxWxH): 7.7 x 4.1 x 6.4 inch
  • Cord length from the pump to the controller is 9ft, the power cord length is 9.9ft
  • Wattage/flow/head: 80W/2650GPH/19.7ft head

Auto Shut Off When No Water

  • Plug the power to turn this water pump on, unplug the power to turn it off. It is protected in case there’s no water, the pump will auto shut off when no water is sensed or water gets too low
  • Comes with 2 kinds of removable water intake screens,1 for normal water level and the other for low water level (higher than 0.8inch)

Adjustable Flow Speed

This aquarium water pump has an external Led display controller, with 71 flow speed settings, you can control the flow rate from 30% to 100% of the top speed flow. 3 buttons on the controller: “Up” “Down” “Pause”

Internal & External Use

  • Hygger dcp water pump can be run externally or be submerged.
  • Please note the controller is not waterproof, must be placed indoors.
  • The water pump inlet and outlet ports with standard size threads, it comes with screws, o rings, pipe connection fittings.You can connect 1″, 3/4″, 1-1/2″, 1-1/4″ pipes to the pond pump

Durable Water Pump

  • Wear-resistant ceramic shaft and magnetic drive make this water pump long service life.
  • No copper element is be used for freshwater or saltwater


When used externally can this pump be mounted above the water level and does the pump need to be primed before running?
When using this water externally, mount it below the water level and it needs to be primed before running to clear all the air out the pump body, or it can’t pump up water.

Is this AC or DC water pump? What’s the voltage? 120v DC

How many watts is the controller? 80w

What is the lowest percentage of the top speed the controllers actually go down to? It can go down to 30% of top speed

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